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Yexploring Yosemite & More (September 14th - September 21st, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

We had just left Napa on September 13th. We stopped in Stockton for fuel and groceries, continuing on more Barf Barf roads hugging the mountains to Yosemite Lakes RV Resort. This place is run by Thousand Trails, an RV membership group that we never joined because of how expensive it is and the locations weren’t convenient to a lot of places we hit on this year long trip. I must say that they have everything you might need though. Their club house was packed with puzzles, sofas, tables, games, movies, a TV, pool tables and even some VHS tapes...yes, you read that correctly - V H S! They had divided the Campground into a members section and non-members section. We picked out our site in the non-members section which only had 30 or 20 AMP power. Usually 30 AMP is enough as long as we only run one AC unit instead of both. In this case, however, it kept tripping the breaker. Maintenance came up pretty quickly and said we could take off while they worked on it. Ted and I are antsy to get into Yosemite National Park to grab some maps and plan our next 3 days. We hop in the door-less Jeep and drive an hour to the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center...which turns out to be about a half mile from the parking lot and closes at 5pm....oh, and by the way, it’s 4:55pm when we park. Ted hauls ass to get some info from the Rangers while I flip flop speed-walk. We get some good tips and plan on a 4.6 mile hike for the morning.

The morning of the 14th we head out to Hetch Hetchy for a moderate jaunt around the reservoir. Our destination is Wapama Falls, a beautiful little waterfall about 2.3 miles in. Because of our timing there is less water and power than in the spring or early summer and we get to dip our head into the pond forming at the base of the falls. The clean cool water was a blessed relief from the sunny heat! The view across the reservoir is beautiful and I do a little Sketch Sketchy at Hetch Hetchy after we munch on some lunch - haha sometimes I crack myself up. Meanwhile, Azlan is having the time of his life with my parents at Disney World. They are seeing all the characters, parades, riding all the rides, and doing all the fun things. Ted and I met some cool folks on the way back from the hike and then we spent the afternoon chilling in a daze. Laziness set in and we didn't want to cook so we ventured out to Buck Meadows (a booming population of 50) and ate at the Buck Meadows Restaurant. The food was just ok but at least we didn't have to cook or do dishes.

September 15th, we had a delightful visit with our niece, nephew and their friend. The 5 of us jumped in the Jeep and rode to Tuolumne Grove for a 2 mile hike. Mile one was all down mile two sucked! We stayed on the paved trail and did not go further since we had a dog with us. There was one really big Sequoia at our turn around point which was beautiful but Ted and I were already spoiled by the Boy Scout Tree in the Redwoods - so if size matters, the Sequoia did not win first place. There was a really cool Sequoia Tree with a tunnel carved through it where we spent a little time and took some pictures! When we get back to the Glamper, they have to part ways since they are on a shortened vacation. Our niece and nephew run Noxon Photography, specializing in Adventurous Elopements. These two are amazing and if you ever want to run away and get married in a spectacular natural setting, give them a call!

Since we are, ever so slowly, training for Machu Picchu, September 16th we hiked to Gaylor Lakes. We only hiked to the first lake and were smoked! I'm super proud that I was able to start a hike at an elevation of 9,943 and deal with an elevation change of 1,200 though. It was rough, but now I know I can do it and we can start upping our game. Ted also walked about a mile around the lake while I sketched and then we headed out. We found another payphone in the parking lot although this one didnt work...crazy! Our tired legs and feet relaxed the rest of the afternoon, a great end to our time in Yosemite.

The next day we rolled out in the Glamper, heading to Reno, Nevada via Sacramento (Barf Barf curvy roads). Originally we had calculated a boondock (parking with no water, power or sewer connections) night but once we got there, the road was straight and smooth, so we continued to Elko, NV, our ultimate destination. I wanted to jump out and kiss this straight road, I-80! Finally, no more Barf Barf! Normally we avoid arriving into an RV Park at night since it can be perilous setting up in the dark. This time we took a chance and had no problems at the Valley View RV Park, in Elko NV, thankfully. This was one of the most lenient places we have stayed in so far and the least expensive too. In Elko we had one friend to visit. We were in cahoots with a couple from Iowa (that we had previously seen on this trip) to surprise our mutual friend in Elko. They joined us in the Glamper on the 19th, we spent some time running errands and had a successful surprise visit in the evening.

September 20th was the first rainy day we had in a long time. We busted out Uno and played for hours. It was the funniest Uno game I have ever funny in fact, I peed myself, ugh, again! Looking on the bright side of wet pants, at least I was having a great time getting to that point. Eventually the rain stopped and we went out for a walk along the Humbolt Area River Project. It was a little ghetto but served it's purpose to get us out of the Glamper. We ate pizza, hung out with our Elko friend and his wife, and watched Mr. Brooks.

The next morning we all moved out pretty early (I'm going to miss those loco Iowans!). The road was smooth and mostly straight again all the way to Salt Lake City, UT. Our stop at the Salt Flats was interesting. Ted did a front leaning rest salt lick (aka push-up) and confirmed it was indeed salty. I did not partake. We rolled into the Pony Express RV Resort & Campground and wow! This place is really nice and well cared for with a beautiful common room. I would refer to this place as Glamper Central. Azlan is going to love the park and the pool when we come back with him next month. Speaking of Azlan, we leave the next morning, September 21st to South Florida. The first flight was bumpy but we made it to Houston safely and United Airlines hooked us up with an earlier flight to Ft. Lauderdale, #poundwinning.

Reunited and it feels so good (you have to sing this part for the full effect)!!! Back with our baby!!! A super duper THANK YOU to mom and dad for taking such good care of our little man!!!

Stay tuned for our next update of fun in the sun!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan (all back together again)

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