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Surreal Chaotic Rhythms (April 23-29, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

April 23rd, after I wrote the last blog, Ted and I went to the San Antonio River Walk. Across the street, at the Alamo, we were greeted by a military ceremony celebrating the memories of those who stood at the Alamo on the day of its fall. It was interesting to see a 3rd party ceremony - normally we are at ceremonies like that because we know someone that's a part of it. We stayed a while and heard a little about Audie Murphy too. We had lunch at the SaltGrass restaurant and then rode the boat through the river. It was nice to hear some of the history behind the River Walk development - like the hotel that was built room by room 8 miles away and then trucked into the city and stacked like Legos on site. That evening we had dinner with our neighbors from the last tour in Hawaii. We finished off the night at a lovely wine bar.

The next day Ted and I checked out Anytime Fitness. It's a nice gym and I might join once we get to a larger city again (El Paso). I also got a new book: Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. I'm looking forward to reading it while riding shotgun in #theglamper. Speaking of the Glamper, the pick up date is April, let me explain about the Warranty Work process on new RVs....this is our experience so far. Without trying to sound too negative, it's a slow and frustrating process. We dropped off the Glamper on March 27th with a long list of items we were requesting repairs on that were warranty items. Some of these things have been problems since our first week on the road. We tried getting some of it done in Syracuse, NY but it took so long that some items didn't get fixed by the time we had to get back on the road. Here's the list of issues if you are curious:

..Slow filling gas – This problem was addressed on a previous warranty drop off at Meyers RV in Syracuse NY. They cut away a piece of the body that was kinking the hose, however they didn’t check to be sure the fix worked and it is still a problem.

..Right Mirror Camera – This is an approved item in the Fleetwood Warranty system however we didn’t have time to wait for the mirror to be ordered and then built (they said three weeks) so it is still there and needs to be fixed.

..bedroom closet door damage

..veneer plywood wall coming apart

..shower door latch

..Dinette front shade does not retract completely.

..Check/Reinforce all windows – we had to have two windows fixed on the road by a glass installer. The glass was separating from the frame. Bedroom window left of the TV is unglued.

..Bedroom window shade does not go all the way up

..bunk screen is cracked

..Front Right Windshield gasket is coming unglued and needs to be re-attached.

..Front Right Wire in windshield is hanging loose and needs to be concealed.

..windshield crack

..Front Left Driver’s Curtain button is missing and needs to be installed.

..USB port at drivers station is not working

..Toilet Vacuum Issue – Vacuum resets every five minutes, we were told it needs a new gasket as it is losing pressure too quickly. Please inspect and fix as required.

..Refrigerator Door Latch is loose. The latch swivels while we ride and comes loose allowing the door to swing open. Please inspect and fix.

..Exterior Door Hydraulic Arm fell off in our first few days of traveling. REV Group denied the claim but we will fight it and we would like this item fixed.

..Door Lock and keys for it (we were never given a key to the front door bottom lock – can you provide this?).

..Stove – front burner spark does not work. ..The stove angles inward. Inclined, needs to be level.

..Microwave needs to be re-leveled.

..Exterior Radio is not syncing with phone Bluetooth and needs to be repaired.

..grout in kitchen sink

..front passenger chair is non operational

..Awning arms are twisted

..dinette storage front is broken

Many of these things I can fix myself, however, here's the kicker: If I fix anything with a permanent solution, it voids the warranty on THE WHOLE RIG! So....we try to get things repaired with the warranty. The process starts out with us finding a REV Group approved RV Service provider somewhere near our planned route. Then we have to set an appointment to get it fixed and they are normally booked out a month or two. So, we make an appointment, send them the list above, let them know we need the RV to be ready 4 weeks from that date -- April 25th. They knew we were coming in for an appointment, they had a detailed list of what to check (and we walked through EVERY item with them when we dropped it off). Of course, they sat on the damn thing for 2 weeks! At that point it's a scramble to get things together after they dragged their feet. Regardless, the end result is that we got it back on time but only the items in italics above got addressed. Despite our displeasure at the situation, we were SO happy to get the Glamper back that we didn't really care anymore...especially when there was no additional charge. We had our home-on-wheels-with-a-functioning-toilet-too back!!! We were absolutely ECSTATIC to be on the road again. Who would have thought that what we needed was a good dose of our Surreal Chaotic Rhythm?

Surreal: Dude, this is crazy! Did I really quit my job, Ted got to retire and we bought a motor home so we can see America and re-connect with our friends and family? YES!!!!!

Chaotic: We don't really know what we will find around the next corner. No fixed schedule, no routine. No restrictions on our time on a daily basis. Moving once a week. A shaky shack we live in. Dumping, Pumping, Laundry Mats, Check In Procedures, Quiet Hours. Museums, Parks, Hikes, Naps, Parties. Yup, that's how we are living right now.

Rhythm: My kitchen, I know where everything is! I can meal plan and prep for about 3 days at a time. Leftovers are the bomb! We follow our move-in and move-out check-list weekly. Planning is a must, especially during summer vacations - booked it all in advance so we can get our FH sites - There's Nothing Like a Full Hook Up!!!

So, presently we arrive in Junction, TX and we check into the South Llano River RV Resort.

We took our time picking out the best site and getting leveled. Let the cleaning commence! After being out of our 'home' for 4 weeks, we had a lot of unpacking and tidying up to do. Some NASTY things I found were two bananas, a popsicle, cool whip, and a pound of ground beef all molded up nice and good, sitting pretty in my freezer waiting for me - GAG! At least it wasn't poop on my face this time!!!

Once we got a good bit done, we went off to the only super market within a 100 mile radius. We found everything we were looking for, #poundwinning! Everyone was very friendly. I don't think I have ever been to a town this small before. The population is about 2,500 people. Mind. Blown. It was absolutely lovely and I would go back again. We got to see our buddy from back in Ted's Drill Sergeant Days at Fort Benning, GA. We hadn't seen him in over 10 years but it was like the time had never passed - we acted no different than 10 years ago. Sitting in our lawn chairs, in the South Llano River, sipping on some good stuff, soaking in the sun and telling stories - new and old. This is how we sent our Saturday. It was phenomenal. We couldn't have asked for any thing more.

Sunday we drove about an hour to Fredericksburg. It's a German town in Texas and also boasts the National Museum of the Pacific War. Now, that's what I call a damn good museum! We paid the military rate of $10 each to get in and it was worth every penny! Excellent information and displays. It's big and there is a lot to see. We could easily have split the museum into 2 days and still not see everything. Ted and I have a pretty good knowledge base of the War in the Pacific but we were floored by the information and detail found here. I highly recommend visiting this place if you are within a few hours and love WWII history. Both of our Friday and Sunday ended up with Ted and I sitting by the river, just being. We really re-connected with each other and enjoyed each other's company. This is the most relaxed I think we have been in a long time.

So, with our fridge clean and stocked, our hearts full, and big smiles on our faces, we hit the road again. Next stops Big Bend National Park and El Paso, TX.


Daisa and Ted (and Azlan from Miami)

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