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7 Months In Review (September 19, 2021 - April 26, 2022)

...And so another year has turned the pages of time. Since our return from last year's summer trip so much has happened. We finished out 2021 with long dog walks, kid play dates, a new bike for Daisa, joining the Cub Scouts of America and tent camping, Azlan's basketball games, lots of boat rides, family visits, a trip to TX for a wedding, a Zumba Party in Pink to support breast cancer, pumpkin patch visits and Halloween outfits, more long dog walks, a Veteran's Day speech given by Ted at Azlan's school, a Fun Run, our niece's baptism, Thanksgiving at my brother's, an extreme Air Boat ride in the Everglades, an almost Captain's job for Ted, Ninja camp for Azlan, a Race the Runway 5K, I earned several fitness certifications, more long dog walks, lots of teaching classes for me, a trip to West Point for Ted to watch a good friend retire, school activities with Azlan, and a Christmas Paddle Parade in our canal. We wrapped it up with another bout of Covid which had us down for a few days but not as bad as we had it in summer of 2020. Effectively, a severe cold is what it was and we were all better within a week.

2022 started off with a BANG - I was riding my bike at top speeds to go get Azlan from school and crossed the road far from the crosswalk. As I rapidly approached the sidewalk through the grass, I noticed that it was about 3-4" high (hidden by grass from afar) and that there was no way I was going to make it onto that sidewalk without cra----BANG! SKID! BANG! SKKKIIIIDDDDDDD! Ten feet later I was bloody and dizzy. I popped off the floor like a jack-in-the-box, heart pounding and shaken up. This one is going to leave a mark I thought! Alas, I survived and recovered with some gnarly road rash and some cuts and bruises...and a nice scar on my arm. I kept my earrings on though so that was a win - ha ha!

Family came to visit and much to Ted's dismay, he learned about the Liquondit - a cocktail invented by our nephew using Mount Gay Rum and Ginger Beer ... gave him a hang over he will not soon forget! We participated in a car wash for the Cub Scouts, more boat days, a family photo shoot in Miami, sadly my grand aunt passed away (may she rest in peace), neighborhood gatherings, tent camping (now that we have a little portable toilet for our tent, it makes nights a bit easier - I don't have to wrestle with the tent zipper), we rode horses on the beach as a family, had some bowling dates (which Azlan discovered that he loves), we took a trip to the Martin County Fair, Ted got pampered at MAXx's Shaving Room Barber Shop, our friends from RI came to visit and enjoyed a trip to Lion Country Safari, and our kitchen floors needed replacing...which didn't get done in two separate instances and are still in need of love. I opened up two 7:30am classes at ZT's Fitness Studio (Tabata and Zumba), I also tried teaching Zumba at a cool Yoga Studio - Dream Tree Studios - but noon was a tough time so it didn't work out, Apollo made a new friend and got play dates and hikes too, we camped under the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center with the Cub Scouts (that was a pretty cool experience), and Azlan started art classes.

In March, my parents went with us on a Spring Break Glamping trip to Northern Florida at Ellie Ray's RV Resort which was an interesting experience. We rented an extremely over priced cabin and paid a significant amount for the RV site, however we don't feel that the quality was worth the high price tag. It has a lot of potential to be a fantastic resort but with the broken boardwalk and poorly cared for facilities and landscaping, it falls short. During our stay we rented a boat and explored up the river to Ichetucknee Springs State Park boasting crystal clear water and a serene vibe. Ted went to Panama City Beach for a military reunion with guys he jumped into Iraq with, and I participated in the Muddy Princess 5K with lots of girlfriends - we looked pretty and played dirty! I really want to do a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race - like a 15K or something...maybe in 2023? We closed out March celebrating Azlan's 8th Birthday with a simple dinner as he was dealing with the stomach bug that was going around. April has been great so far, my mom went to Alaska for the first time and got to see the Aurora, Azlan joined Cheer Club, Ted hiked with Apollo lots, I taught more classes and we put our boat up for sale as we are making plans to buy a larger boat and start a family boat charter business in Stuart after the summer. All in all we have had a great summer to summer year!

As we gear up for this upcoming summer, I am getting excited but at the same time sad. I'm looking forward to exploring unseen territory however I feel a pull to keep me here, I am going to miss my friends and the studio so much! As with any big goal, some things must be put aside or on hold so that you can accomplish others and meet your goal. Seeing all 50 States is a pretty big goal and we only have 9 states left: KS, MO, KY, IN, IL, WI, MI, OH, and WV. It seems comical that four years ago we embarked on a journey we thought would only take 6-8 months. Looking back on the fights, the broken RV parts, the unexpected stops, the blown tires, the scary drives, the nauseating drives, the fun drives, the family time, the hikes, the National Parks, the State Parks, the museums, the visits with old and new friends, the discoveries, the good byes, the no-shows, the black tank snafus's surreal to think that we actually made it happen. To think that I quit my job and Ted retired and we opted to live a life outside of the society box. It's been an absolute blessing and I would not change any part of it. We have grown as individuals and as a family over the last 4 years, we are looking forward to finishing out this trip and embarking on new adventures. Much love to all and may you stay safe and well! Stay tuned for the next blog which will encompass our packing and take off this summer!


Daisa, Ted, Azlan and Apollo

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