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Catching Up and Rolling Out (September 8th, 2020 to May 20th, 2021)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Almost 9 months have elapsed since I wrote last... needless to say A LOT has happened. Let's take a quick summarized look at what happened in the time that it could take to generate a human life:

  • Our friends from Iowa came to visit.

  • Went to the Keys for a weekend with my parents, bother and sister in law to celebrate my brother’s and my birthday!

  • I continued teaching Zumba.

  • I broke my toe.

  • I got my Group Fitness Certification from SCW.

  • I increased my heavy weights to 15lbs.

  • Finished SuperLife by Darren Olien, which got me thinking about becoming a vegetarian...which I tried for 3 weeks. I will go back to eating this way at some point, I'm sure. I felt very good during the time I didn't eat meat.

  • Ted and Azlan (with some significant assistance) built our lighthouse mailbox.

  • The golf cart (aka Pushy) got a make over.

  • Azlan got a little inflatable boat with a trolling motor, and he now drives it better than I do!

  • Azlan took swimming lessons and started diving over Christmas!

  • I started an accountability's currently on break but will be resuming soon. This has me wanting to start an accountability group for people who haven't participated in one before...but I have a few other things I want to do before I tackle that.

  • Made it 1 day then 30 days then 5 days on 75 Hard. I will complete it, just haven't yet.

  • Went to a 20 year anniversary party where instead of gifting China we all dressed up in Chinese PJs and ate Chinese food - very cute idea and lots of fun!

  • We watched a friend's Hockey Game.

  • Pushy was a hit in the Halloween Golf Cart Parade and our Cul de Sac had an epic Halloween Party.

  • I read Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child by Ross W. Greene. It's a great book and has helped me a lot in communicating with Azlan.

  • We went to the Stuart Air Show which had a fantastic display of airplanes doing tricks and a cool Motorcross Bike Show.

  • Azlan started Portuguese classes and proceeded to start reading a little in Portuguese.

  • Azlan discovered Pokemon!!! He drew and colored over 83 characters and cut them out so he could play with them. He also started several collections.

  • Our friends came to visit from DC!

  • We spent Thanksgiving at Ted's Dad's house with some friends.

  • We got in lots of Boat Rides, Bike Rides, Pool Time and Pushy Rides.

  • Our beautiful niece was born!

  • I taught my first TABATA Bootcamp, Stretch & Roll and Build & Define classes!

  • Ted surprised me with a Bubble bath and candles one night.

  • I did a fun Paint & Sip with my sister in law and she taught me how to play Pickle Ball.

  • Ted started and graduated Chapman School of Seamanship and also started and graduated the Small Boat and Yacht Survey course.

  • I helped make Puerto Rican Pasteles from scratch.

  • Ted's back went out and he was crooked and in pain for days - including through our...

  • Trip to Brasil! We visited family in Tupa & Santos and spent a week in Riviera do Sao Lourenco. We enjoyed beach time, pineapple cocktails, yummy food and great company! I reunited with an old friend, made new friends, danced on the beach and watched the last sunrise of 2020! Ted’s buddy from Germany saw that we were in Brazil and reached out as he was in Rio. He came down to where we were (like a 15 hour journey) and we got to spend an amazing afternoon together!

  • Ted's buddy from his time as a private in Italy came to visit our home in FL.

  • Lots of boat rides, sand bar visits, meal planning, meal prepping, working out, washing dishes, & family time.

  • I started teaching Thursday nights Build & Define and Zumba back to back.

  • I became a Zyia Active Independent Rep and Ted and I activated our company, DAISA7 LLC. Let's see what happens with that over the next year.

  • We went to Tampa for a funeral and got to stay with some good friends from Korea.

  • We went to the County Fair.

  • We added a member to the family, Apollo. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback pup full of energy and spunk! Long walks are a must!

  • Azlan turned 7 and we had a great birthday party for him.

  • Our friends from Rhode Island came to visit.

  • Our friends from New Orleans came to visit.

  • Ted and our brother in law remodeled our kitchen.

  • We went to a few Cul de Sac parties.

  • Had a lovely Kayak ride with friends in our canal.

  • Azlan 'completed' first grade - or will in a few days but we took him out early to start the Glamper trip.

  • Our friends from Iowa moved down to Florida (as did many other people)!

  • We started our 2021 Summer Glamping Trip.

The Glamper had gone in for service work back in February, we got it back around April 20th with the intention of using it at Phipps State Park on a test run. However, the breaker panel where we control the AC, tank info, water heater, leveling system...etc... was not working at all. So we took it back May 5th and turns out we had a blown 200AMP fuse. We got it back again, fully functioning, on May 14th. The next 7 days I focused on cleaning and packing it in preparation for our trip. From May 6th to May 20th I was scheduled to instruct 19 fitness between making class plans, practicing and resting, I was making mini trips back and forth to the Glamper sitting in our driveway. Considering the first time we packed the motor home we did it in less than 48 hours...this extended prep session seemed like a dream come true!

On May 20th, after I taught my Thursday night B&D and Zumba classes, I came home, showered in the Glamper, ate some dinner, toasted our friends staying in our house for the summer and we rolled out at about 9:30pm. Now, we normally don't like to roll at night but Ted was super excited to get going and my parents had already arrived at our first stop and were waiting so we decided to get some hours behind while I was still wired from teaching and could keep him company. Speaking of being wired after teaching...I am still having a hard time believing that I teach fitness classes, and enjoy it! I absolutely LOVE teaching at ZT's Fitness Studio and am so inspired and motivated by all the amazing members. I miss them already! Staying in shape over the summer and avoiding all the wine is going to be a challenge for sure!

The first few hours on the road we safe and smooth! Ted stopped at a rest area South of St. Augustine, FL so we could rest for the night and continue onto our first stop in the morning....Stay tuned for our next blog post re-capping our first week on the road!

Sending lots of good vibes your way!

Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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