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Summer Snow (May 21 - 27, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

No, we haven't seen the end of GOT yet, so hush up! Seriously though - SUMMER SNOW....?!?!?!?.....WTF......?!?!?!?! That's right, while it might feel like summer one morning, it was snowing on my head that same evening. Cherry POP!

May 21st we awaken to snow on the ground. #theglamper is basically ready to roll but we can't get the large slide to close all the way. Ted investigated, finding that the weight of the snow on top of the slide awning was preventing it from rolling closed properly. Apparently its a common problem in Colorado - however very new to us. The Garden of the Gods RV Resort had a tall ladder so Ted was able to brush all the snow off. Simple enough. About 2 hours later we arrived in Denver. I had a hair appointment at the Pangaea Salon for some color work and a trim, Ted dropped me off prior to proceeding to our new campgrounds for the week: Dakota Ridge RV Park. Luckily, my hair appointment was fantastic - shout out to @kmurphycreations - nevertheless, Ted did not have the best check in experience. Here is his take:

"I arrived at Dakota Ridge at about 12:10. Went inside and was informed I could not check in until after 13:00 without paying a $25 early check in fee. It didn't matter that our site was empty, I asked. In addition, I couldn't stay in the reception RV Lane while we waited for 13:00 to roll around. So Azlan and I departed, found a parking lot, had lunch in the glamper, and waited. At 13:00, we returned and were quickly informed of other Dakota Ridge RV Park Fees and Regulations. Dakota Ridge has a STRICT '2 vehicle, 2 person per site policy' and any violation of that is an additional cost. Since we have 3 registered vehicles - an RV, a Jeep, and a Trailer - there was a $5 fee per day for the additional vehicle, even though all 3 vehicles would fit in our site. Tack on an additional $5 per day for Azlan. This is especially relevant to our standard Saturday party where we could have up to 20 people and 10 cars...that's $150 in itself just to have friends visit for a few hours. My pleas for leniency fell on deaf ears of a completely disinterested and unhelpful staff. To say the least, my opinion of Dakota Ridge RV Park is lacking."

So, after my hair is all fabulous, Ted and Azlan pick me up and we go out to dinner with our wonderful friends from Korea! The Bull & Bush Brewery had delicious food and a neat atmosphere. The next day, Wednesday May 22nd, our friends from Germany came over for breakfast and then we rolled out to Leadville, CO. They own a house in this small town, smack in the middle of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. As we moved from Denver, a mile high in the Leadville...2 miles in the sky, guess what happened? I got short of breath again, grrrrrrrr! Despite that, this area boasts a glorious landscape, rich in lush pines and jagged peaks - covered in SNOW. Y'all...we are at the end of MAY.....MAY!!!! Ted and I were not planning on such heavy snow and temps into the 20's. Surprise!!! Low and Behold: Colorado even gets snow in June sometimes, SMH. Alas, we will not let weather stop us (especially when we got to stay in a warm house with hot running water as opposed to a non-insulated glamper with frozen pipes). Dinner was cooked at the house that night and we attempted to resume GOT. Well, we fell asleep during the battle but made up for it the next night. Now only 2 more episodes until the end. Azlan did fairly well with the dogs over the next 2 days. He still whined a bit, but was playing with the dogs at the end of the weekend. My friend, Azlan and I had a morning in the town of Breckenridge while her husband and Ted skied Peak 7 on the mountain. That evening, back in Leadville, the boys got matching Melanzana outdoor sweaters and we enjoyed a spectacular dinner at the Treeline Kitchen. Overall, this brilliant little part of America was quite impressive. Cold, snowy in May, but resplendent just the same.

Friday, the 24th, we arrived back in Denver and ran to the mall to get Azlan's new glasses. I wanted to throw this in here, because if you are traveling as much as we are, getting things like prescriptions filled or making doctor's appointments can be a challenge. Thankfully this specific LensCrafters was able to accommodate us with a 2 day turnaround. We also had a tasty rib dinner at our friend's house (sorry I passed out on your couch dude!). Due to the restrictive nature of our RV Park, we opted to have the party at our very gracious friend's pool deck. We could not have asked for better weather. We swam, ate, drank and were merry all afternoon...and into the night. From a snowy morning in below 30 degree weather to a sunkissed warm pool day, we were pretty happy. Perhaps we needed the snow so we could truly appreciate the warm weather. After our friends departed, we all tucked in for a night of camping in our friend's living room. On Sunday, the guys stayed huddled while the girls went out to play. After a sidewalk chalk sketch and a phenomenal breakfast at PJ's Diner, us gals ventured off to the Denver Arts Festival to admire some talent. We enjoyed the color variance throughout and some delicious street tacos from Ragbag Bistro. The art festival was in a lovely, well kept neighborhood. We happened upon an Open House sign and decided to investigate as my friend is looking for places around Denver to possibly settle. This house was nothing short of marvelous. Expensive but extremely tasteful and cared for. The interior design got my creative juices flowing and perhaps I will start sketching my forever home soon. Last night, we all said our heartfelt "see you soon"s - let's try to stay in better touch this time guys!

And now, as I am sitting shotgun and listening to Hawaiian Reggae Beach Music, Azlan's napping in my bed and #thedrivingartist is at the wheel, I am pondering what is in store for us in Nebraska!

Stay tuned for next week's week-cap!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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