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Onward Bound! (January 28th, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

November 26th, 2018 was my last serious interaction with a computer....hence my last blog post was on that day. Here we are, 2 months later and SO much has happened.

First, I am committing myself to write a post every Monday. This will not only help me track our journey and keep you all informed, but it also helps me remember what we did!

We left off in Charlotte, NC just after Thanksgiving 2018 (See Blog "Finding Our Groove Thing").

11/27/18 Peace Out Charlotte, NC!

11/27/18 Hello Atlanta, GA!

Here we stayed at Sweetwater Creek RV Reserve. Packed to the hilt, our awning opened up next to our neighbor's slide like a Tetris puzzle piece. Despite the lack of open space and the constant pouring rain, our full hook up worked fine and we had no major issues.

It was here we went into town and met the writers of Living the RV Life (Marc and Julie Bennett of #rvlovetravel) and #exploringthelocallife at a book signing. We had our logos printed on magnets for the Jeep and #theglamper but in my excitement, I forgot the glamper is made of now I have a huge magnet with no space to put it!

12/03/18 Hello Uchee Creek Campgrounds in Columbus, GA. Hello perpetual rain!

As on our previous stay here, we had a great time and everything worked great! It was on this site that we celebrated special days with our friends: a birthday, an anniversary, a baby's birth, a promotion...even the celebration of a life well lived and a memory that will never be forgotten.

12/14/18 Hello Pensacola, FL!

Holt Landing was ok. No issues with any hook ups. So far, this is the friendliest RV place we stopped at. We had imagined that we would pull up and make instant friends (like when moving to a military base) at most places but people mostly keep to themselves. We spoke to a veteran during laundry but that was about it. Azlan and I painted, he had some kids to play with at our party, and then we got him some bright lime green glasses he has to wear all the time because we love him so much!!!

12/18/18 Hello Biloxi, MS!

This 3 day stop started with seeing a good friend and ended with my parents joining us for the next 2 week leg of our adventure. We stayed at the Gulf Beach RV Resort across from the beach and next to a waffle house #poundwinning.

12/21/18 Hello Jackson, MS!

The #airbnb house in Jackson was pretty interesting. Architecturally unique in it's multi-level floor plan layout, boasting a brand new 6-burner gas stove (with a space for bacon) and enough fresh towels to last a year - this house would have been epic. Unfortunately, there were a series of events that ensued leaving a sour taste in my mouth. First, roaches in cabinets are never a nice thing to find. Second, trying to fill a tub but not having hot water kind of blows. No one wants to pay a hefty rent price to find roaches and deal with plumbing issues, but we try to look on the bright side - the owners/managers of the property really tried everything to help and they were very receptive to our feedback. They seemed like kind folks. We had a lovely Christmas with friends and family regardless!

12/26/18 Hello Memphis, TN!

When we planned out this part of the trip, I was SO EXCITED! I love 'oldies' music and some movies. Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor are among some of the stars I love.....and of course, Elvis Presley! I can go see Graceland!!! I booked the tour, the best one they offered (and most expensive). Not worth it, I'm sad to say. I was warned not to waste the money but I didn't listen. The biggest problem was our tour guide. My parents, Ted and I all have a TON of experience with tours and tour guides (private and group types). Those that know us, know we are well traveled. The disappointment is tremendous when you have high expectations and look forward to learning - only to have a boring, in-knowledgeable, and flat out unwilling-to-do-shit tour guide. This lady did not want to be there and acted like we were a damn burden for hours! Oh well, you live and learn. Box checked, I won't go back.

12/28/18 Hello Nashville, TN!

Here we stay at the Nashville KOA Resort. We had a full hook up site and rented a deluxe cabin for my parents. Nice facilities, friendly service, lots of games and the cabin was fantastic! Johnny Cash Museum (over-priced), Carriage Ride (lovely), Gaylord Osprey Hotel (wow), Jack Daniels Distillery (interesting), and while I missed the Parthenon in Greece, I did not miss it in Nashville haha. We wrapped up the old year with a bow and laid it to rest.

HAPPY 2019!!! Yes, CAPS, because we are living the dream baby #whatthistripisallabout.

Stay tuned for next Monday's Post which will bring us to present day :)


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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