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On Adapting and Overcoming (Special Addition - Since we can't travel)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

If you are looking for some sugar coating, this isn't it - just wanted to leave that there so you don't get your hopes up. If you are curious about what I have to say (well, write really), then read on!

It IS possible to adapt and overcome change - and do it quickly.

Is it hard? YES! Will it suck? YES! Will you cry? YES!!! Will you be angry? YES!!!!!!!! Will you want to give the finger to the world along with a big "FU** YOU!!!!!"? YES!!!!! But I am pretty sure you already have! There is a word that was introduced to me years ago as a military spouse:


Defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. The Army Community Service (ACS) offered classes on the military bases and man, am I glad I took advantage of that! It has been a huge resource for me, especially right now.

In case you didn't know, THE WORLD IS CHANGING. This is what happened in a nutshell:

In December, less than 4 months ago, a virus mutated and passed from an animal to a human. Then that virus mutated again and started spreading from human to human. This virus can give symptoms like a cold but if you get really sick, you need a respirator for a while, like 2 weeks, and then if you get better you go on your merry way. The virus can take 2 weeks to even start symptoms - so basically it spread for 2 weeks willie nillie while you didn't feel a thing. Then when you start getting sick, so do a lot of other people. Not everyone will get sick from the virus, some people will only have mild symptoms and others - like those with diabetes, older people, babies, people with weakened immune symptoms - they might get really sick and need that respirator. Here is the problem: the planet does not have enough respirators for everyone that will get sick at the same time. The more the virus spreads via human contact, the more people will get sick. Check this out for wayyyyy more details check out the Center for Disease Control.

Now, I have a question: When all the people that are going to get sick, start getting sick at the same time and the hospitals get full, guess what happens next? People in line outside won't have care and will be left to die. This could be your mom or dad, your grandmother or grandfather, your significant other - who knows? It could be me. Chances are, I might be fine - I'm healthy, I can isolate myself, I eat well - but hey, if I get sick and need a hospital and they are all full...well, then time's up. Sucks, BIG TIME! If you are reading this and think it will not affect you, think again. This is the reality of our current GLOBAL situation. This little virus everyone has been so dismissive of, me included until March 13th, when I decided to cancel my trip because of this inconvenient little thing. A thing that is CHANGING THE WORLD. Yes, the whole planet - all of us will go through this. We are not alone in this. WE ARE ALL TOGETHER IN THIS!!! The sooner we all realize it, the better, so we can help as many other people stay alive too.

Y'all, I'm Scared. Let's face it, I think we will all be scared at some point. Let's just say that 'the shit has hit the fan'. First thing is first, you have to process it. Once you accept the truth of the situation, the shitty hard truth I wrote above...the truth that someone out there is making a joke of or laughing at and thinks it is a conspiracy (I pray with all my heart that you are right, my friend). Once you understand what is about to happen, what we will go through over the next days, months, possibly years (because some people are evil and will go out and do things to spite others - like licking their hands and rubbing them over everything they can touch in public - yes, there are probably people out there like that right now). Funny not funny. Once you accept this, then you can start processing. If you are like me, then you will feel sadness, anger, hatred, heartbreak, humor...well really dark humor and about a million other things too. Feel Them. Don't hurt yourself or anyone around you, but let the feelings be felt. It totally blows, but eventually you stop crying. That's when you can pick your self up off the floor and as Mrs. Rachel Hollis so well said, Girl, Wash Your Face! So, in between the feelings, I have been washing my face, my hands, my house. I've been kept sane by virtual workouts, which I hope will be continued only virtually for a little while. If I can help our world by staying home, in my yard, walking only with my son and husband, not hugging anyone else, doing things online all the time (which if you don't know, I worked from home for 9 years...I'm totally winning in that department at least), if I can do that for a few weeks, a month? Sure, we will figure this out, no worries. We are a resourceful bunch, just need to get everyone on board AS QUICKLY AS WE CAN! If we all just stay informed and work together, we might be able to save a lot of lives - hopefully. Some people don't have money, so please don't be greedy. Cover your ass, but your ass doesn't need all the toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Share. Most people on the planet went to Kinder Garden - you know, all the ones that are closed now because we didn't listen fast enough - SHARING IS CARING people. My best friend and I had a good chat today. Suzana Costa said "Take care of each other, people!". Amen sister!

Ok, so now that you have processed and understand...if you are still reading, that is, let's move on to mental health. That's going to be a HUGE thing over the next few weeks - in my opinion and in my hope. I pray that people will take what is happening as an excellent learning opportunity instead of burying themselves in a bottle. I was actually really happy to see all the liquor still on the shelves at the super market - that means it won't run out - haha. If you didn't know, I used to be a professional wine drinker. Ask anyone, if they knew me before this year - if you cut me open, I would bleed wine. Well, last night, I totally drank a bottle plus and am paying for it today. Alcohol is not the answer. It is a band-aid. Took me a long time to see that. Anyways, I got it out of my system and now - mental health. Meditation works well for me. Different things work for different people. I use the app HeadSpace, if I use it daily and consistently then I see a kinder and better me. Just want to throw that out there if you need something like right now.

Take a breath, because now that you have processed and have something to learn about -- like mental health and how you can keep it while you can't travel, can't hug, can't be social -- it's time to take action and start adapting. How can we get creative with what we've got?

If you want ideas on what to do to stay sane while we sort things out and learn to ADAPT to this crazy new world we are going to be living in for a little while let me know. I'll keep writing more. Writing helps me, and if it can help you too then #poundwinning!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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