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New Mexico (May 7 - 13, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Ted & Azlan dropped off my dad at the airport while I caught up with the Blog on May 7th. We had a slew of things planned that day but we opted to just chill and relax for the day. There is something to say for resting and rest days. It's so important to take some time and de-compress - alone and also as a family. Rest days are vital to self care along with many other factors like eating right, being kind to yourself, exercising, etc... I finally got to meal prep as well!

About 3 years ago, I started meal planning and meal prepping. During this trip, planning food becomes a little more difficult since there is so much spontaneity with meeting friends for meals. Regardless, I keep trying and I keep cooking as often as I can without being wasteful. The key is to find recipes that include clean ingredients (and by 'clean' I mean fresh and unprocessed foods). When I make a plan, I start with dinners since that is usually the most complex and calorie dense meal. I fill in the breakfasts and lunches accordingly to stay within my calorie range. Tracking Macros is also something I have been doing for about a year. Macros are Macro-nutrients - Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates. I use the MyMacros+ app to keep track of everything. Once I make the plan, I prepare all the food I can, for example, I cut all vegetables, make salads in individual containers, cook meats, and pack healthy snacks. That way, everything is ready and there is no question as to what I should eat at meal times. In addition, I am a member of @katliftsweights' online accountability group where we post our daily foods, water intake, workouts etc... We encourage and lift each other up - let's face it - staying healthy and working on goals is HARD! We need as much help as we can get :)

As a matter of fact, my buddy that came over for dinner on May 8th, has also participated in the accountability groups with me. We had a great time with him, his mom and the kiddos. Unfortunately his wife was away for work but hopefully I will get to see her later this year when we come across NM to get back to FL.

On May 9th, we began our Albuquerque adventure. First stop was The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. This museum was very informative with inside and outside displays and the biggest periodic table I have ever seen. If you like Science, this place is for you! Next we took the Sandia Peak Tramway to the top of the mountains. WOW! What an amazing view. By far one of the most expansive views I have ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice. During the 15 min tram ride we received an informative lecture about the history and topography of the area. If you are ever in Albuquerque, be sure to get up there....but check the weather cover can be an issue. After lunch, we met up with my buddy and his kids for more museum time. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science was great. Not a huge place, but very good info and cool displays. I particularly liked the explanation of life evolution on Earth. Across the street was !Explora! - an interactive museum designed for kids. Now this place was really cool! Ted and I played with as much stuff as Azlan did! From flying planes to building structures to manipulating water - this museum had it all. We were pretty pooped after such a busy day!

May 10th we rolled out to Santa Fe. We stayed at the Santa Fe KOA - excellent facilities here. Our friends that are stationed in NM joined us in #theglamper for the weekend. Their son and Azlan went to school together in Hawaii, it was wonderful to be reunited! The next day, we went into town and visited the Loretto Chapel which houses the miraculous stair case. Legend has it that the sisters of the church prayed for a carpenter to build them a staircase and their prayers were answered. One showed up, built the stairs and then disappeared. No nails were used, only wood...and the wood was not native to the area. The San Miguel Chapel was our next stop. This is the oldest known church in the Continental United States - originally built in the earlier half of the 17th Century. It's a simple church but feels pretty powerful. After the chapels, we ventured into the Plaza - the main square in this part of town. Apparently May 11th is Low Rider least that's what it was this year in Santa Fe. Art on wheels is a good description for what we saw. That evening we had dinner with friends - Hot Pot alla Scott. I got to visit with my old co-worker and visit a traditional New Mexican home.

May 12th - Happy Mother's Day! On this fine day we got to explore Meow Wolf! We had no idea what to expect, only that several people recommended it to us as we moved north from Texas. Meow Wolf is an interactive art installation which revolves around a mysterious occurrence with a family. My friend and I set out to solve the mystery and followed clues throughout the house and art space while the guys corralled the kids. We spent about 2 hours there but could have easily spent all day. I know I missed some things but the kids were Hangry....Hangry kids destroy things and throw fits so that ended our exploration of Meow Wolf for the day. My friend and I almost solved the mystery, I want to go back! There is one opening in Denver next year with a different theme fyi. So, after all that over-stimulation, we ate, went back to the Glamper for nap and then grilled out for dinner.

Today, May 13th, we are making our way into Colorado. Hopefully this week will be a little more laid back. Check back next week for our week-cap!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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