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From AR to OK (February 18-25, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The trip from Lake Petit Jean to Mulberry, Arkansas was pretty uneventful - and for this, we are thankful! I just want to jump out of our rig and kiss the roads in Arkansas! So well maintained! On our way out we met a couple with an adorable little remodeled camper. So cute!!!

Our arrival into our new site went well. We were welcomed with open arms at a lovely home. #theglamper was cozily parked next to the barn shed and hooked up to a brand new 50 AMP power box and water #poundwinning! Azlan had a new friend to play with and new dogs to run screaming away from. What we hadn’t realized was the elaborate plan we thwarted with a pit stop at Walmart. These Army guys are tough, many go on to be law enforcement after retiring. With being a law enforcement officer and all, they get to carry handcuffs. In hopes that he would not be recognized, our buddy had planned on a surprise pull-over and possible arrest! It would have been hilarious to tell the story in 10 years if he had succeeded. Luckily, we didn’t get a free ride to jail (this time), whew! Our time was a blast, and as usual, I made new life-long friends. We were even gifted these fabulous T-shirts featuring our logo!!! Azlan got to pick eggs from the chicken coop, I got a trip to Hobby Lobby, and Ted got us a new mattress. Fun fact:  Amerucana Chickens lay eggs in different colors (like blue and green)...Easter Eggs, Ha!

Next stop: OK

This travel day turned out a bit more stressful than others. Google Maps doesn’t know we are in a big ass Google Maps can’t warn us about dirt roads. We spent over an hour slow crawling one of the shakiest road yet. I may have mentioned this before, I get motion sickness since I had Azlan and it’s worst in the RV (especially if I’m not riding shotgun with my eyes on the road). Ted got me these acupressure bracelets #acustrap that have cut the degree of nausea more than half. Even with these puppies on, I still wanted to toss my cookies. But we made it safe and that’s what matters! From now on, we are routing our trip on the #allstays app. Great app that gives you road info, RV site info and much more! We finally get to our awesome lake front site on Lake McMurtry and we are getting all hooked up, however something is missing....where is the sewer hole? We were told when booking that this was a full hook up site. A full hook up (FH) means electric, water, sewer. They only had electric and water and no public bathrooms or showers. Not #glamping from my perspective. In this case, we have 3 options: 

1. Stay where we are and poop in the woods once the black tank gets full (which at this point would be the next night).

2. Stay where we are and close up the glamper to go dump the black and grey tanks every other day.

3. Move to a different place with FH. 

I chose option 3! We moved the next day. Not a huge issue, just time consuming, and conveniently we have plenty of time being #retired and all! We linked up with #oldfriends and watched as our spawnlings planned the take-over of the world. Dinner is at Eskimo Joe’s. They have great cups you can take home and some creepy characters waiting to greet you at the door. 

The weekend is a bit of a blur. Friday, more friends arrive and partying commences. Ted got his own blow torch and we lit up a fire. Jokes, laughs and drinks filled the night as we reminisced on all the good times and not so good times from our past. Apparently our older bodies cannot handle the level of partying we used to do 16 years ago...who would have thought?!? I also got bit by a dog but that was my fault. I was warned that she had been abused and not to pet her my excitement of seeing everyone and just being my exuberant self, I reached in for a head cuddle and, sure enough, she snapped. No worries though, it wasn’t bad and I got put in my place! 

Saturday we spend the day hanging out and catching up with our friends. We cooked, cleaned, played Pictionary and started the party all over again. This time I made a bit of a spark in the night. In an extremely rare moment of no thought - the nothing box - I tossed a lighter in the fire pit. I felt terrible after the loud unexpected POP out of the fire, my buddy’s burnt lip and some serious PTSD reactions. So sorry!

Sunday moms took the kids to the movies while the guys went to an OSU wrestling match. It was an early night for everyone...we were absolutely exhausted! While we are excited to keep moving to see more friends and family, we are sad to leave. The bonds we are making with people are so precious and we will miss these amazing humans (big and little). On the positive side, we will keep in better touch over the next 16 years! 


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

PS - If you click on the hashtags, the links should work this time!

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