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Florida Flings (September 4th, 2018)

Updated: Mar 11, 2019


Condit Water Adventures commences on August 4th as we leave Honolulu and head to Miami. We stay at my brother's awesome house for the first week and then go visit Grumps and the Heim clan as our first trip. The week of the 13th we spend at my parents' house in Key Biscayne and enjoy all the things. Boating, Floating, Flirting....all the things!

My birthday was absolutely fabulous! An intense Zumba class followed by beach and pool time, a lovely club lunch, boat time and a superb dinner out with my family. I got roses and all!

War and Anica came for a visit - Welcome to Miami Bi**h! We had a fabulous time hanging out together, strolling on South Beach, sweating, having cocktails on the beach, sweating, eating yummy snacks, sweating....finally it clicked that we could just go hang out at the pool!

We also enjoyed some boating time and dinner at the Wynnwood Kitchen & Bar with a post artistic stroll through larger than life works completed another spectacular day. Can't wait to go explore Colorado with these two!

Next up - a night a Grumps', a night at Uncle Lew and Aunt Clare's in Vero, and then to Mark and Gage in Orlando for motor home shopping. We searched and searched for the right recreational vehicle for Ted, Azlan and I. It was harder to find than we expected. We originally wanted a used Disel...but ended up finding a phenomenal deal on a leftover 2018 - brand new. We took the deal and pick up our new RV next week (if all the stars align).

Y'all - WE ARE MAKING A DREAM INTO A REALITY!!! So excited!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates as I figure out how to work the website and Instagram :) Can't wait to re-connect with all of our friends and family across the USA!



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Sep 07, 2018

Love you guys and miss y’all everyday 🤗


Anica Lewis
Sep 04, 2018

Umm you forgot to post the photo of my brains....#stillsweating poundsoutbeachisforpeasants poundtakemetotheclub


Sep 04, 2018

I love it! Miami was awesome! Did I mention I’m still sweating?!


Sep 04, 2018

Love the site! Can't wait to see you roll in!

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