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FL into GA (September 29th, 2018)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Orange County Moss Park in the Orlando, FL area is fantastic! It is a beautiful nature preserve filled with animals, a lake, docks, bathroom and shower facilities. I would highly recommend Moss Park and it's friendly and helpful staff to any camper or glamper :) For more details on the park, check out: (

In our mad dash to get to NY by Columbus Day weekend, we are having to keep a flash-style speed....I almost want to call the Glamper "Speedy Gonzalez". We were fortunate to see some friends on our second day at Moss Park. I know we will miss a lot of people on our race up North, but we will come back down at a much more leisurely pace once we hit our October goal.

After Moss Park, we stopped off at a place called 'Camper's Corner' which is North of Orlando. The main objective of this stop was to fix the kitchen sink so it could drain. Luckily this is all warranty work - no extra $$ out of the pocket - whew! During the fixations, we played with a docile pit bull, Molly, we colored, we coordinated, had wings and wine, and then a lovely nap which ended just in time for us to arrive at our first KOA campsight - POP!

Jennings KOA was lovely (! We had a pull through site with everything we needed (sewer, water, power) and a pond view! This evening was one of those times that you know in your heart you won't forget. Azlan collected duck feathers as the sun set and our little family meandered around the lake. We had a lovely early night which led to an active early morning! Family speed walk, Daddy did his full body, Azlan got his slide in, and Mommy energized with some qigong. To top it off......we ate bacon (insert heart emoji here).

Uchee Creek at Ft. Mitchell, AL was the next stop. Another fantastic camping site for the list! All we needed was right there at our site ( You gotta be military to enjoy this place though! Priority task 1 was to pick up the Jeep in Atlanta, Priority task 2 was to party, see a few friends and finish some decor for the Glamper, Priority task 3 was to find a trailer for the Jeep....yes, we just added 20'+ to a 35' coach....hmmmmm. We succeeded in everything and even got Azlan to pet a dog!!! Amen!!!

So, Week 2 on the road has not been too bad. Hopefully the tire losing air makes it to the shop! All the other little things we need to fix will just have to wait or I will just need to 'Uncle Lew' them!

Stay Tuned, the next time we stop at a camp sight, I will give you a video tour of the Glamper! Always roll with the punches!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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