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Finding Our Groove Thing (November 26th, 2018)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

We finally got #theglamper back from the shop up in Syracuse, NY. Despite wanting to set it on fire at one point, we were SO happy to get it back. The Glamper and The Condits have bonded at last. Once on the road again, we headed to New York City. It was a bit more difficult to find open campgrounds than expected...many places were already shut down for winter in October! Since we are very #blessed, we got a lot at #westpoint. We had power, which means we had heat...considering it SNOWED, this was very important.

After watching a good friend get promoted, going to the #bdny trade show, mooching off family in the area (Jerrine - that's you - we love you), stomping around #aberdeen, seeing our Korean friend and toasting Lady Liberty with some Soju we changed our route and headed south quickly. We bypassed Washington DC and the Eastern East Coast - sorry guys. Not to worry though, we will be back next year...hopefully in warmer weather. While in Aberdeen, we discussed a plan that might stress us out a bit less and where we can plan a little more. Many of you know how great we are at we opted to start parking at a campground for about a week at a time and having a party every Saturday in a different place #poundwinning #whatthistripisallabout. Hopefully, this new groove will work out great!

Daisa drove the whole way from Aberdeen, MD to Roanoke, VA. She did good with the excep

tion of the 47 times she hit the rumble strip. We stopped at #dixiecaverns in Roanoke for a few nights to visit part of our family from Korea and had a bonus trip to the #roanokestar, #bubblecake, and #dixiecaverns to witness a fault line from under the earth.

We are currently in NC/SC and heading to central GA tomorrow. Our first Saturday party was a success!!! From there we will be bouncing around the southern states so keep an eye out for us! Check out our new logo - Conditwater Adventures: By Sky, By Land, By Sea - To Inspire & Be. Once we hang out with you, we check you off our list!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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