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Easter Weekend (April 18 - 23, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

We are not big fans of Fort Hood and so glad we never got stationed there over the years...even though it was always an option! Fort Hood's Applied Functional Fitness Center though, that is pretty good. They have all the things to lift heavy (or in my case, a little lighter). We took advantage and got a really good workout in right before going to see the MFLC. Our visit with the counselor went well. We were able to communicate what we needed to each other and are doing better. It's always a work in progress, this marriage thing. Oh, and now, I really want a motorcycle! Lucky for me, Ted wants one too! Our friends, who so graciously hosted us and our party on Saturday, have a gorgeous Harley Davidson. I got to go for a short ride (short, but fast as hell) and I'm in love. That rush you get when you do something when you skydive...that rush is intoxicating. It's like your whole body is alive, thriving, and my heart sings as the adrenaline pumps like hard core bass through my veins. I also get this rush when I perform on stage, in front of a ton of people (well, the one time I did it, I got the day I will perform again). So, when we hit 120mph, I decided right then that my new goal is to get a motorcycle. It will take some time, and I have to learn how to drive too...but mark my words: I will have a motorcycle one day.

Saturday's Party was fantastic. We had friends that had been with us in Korea, Germany, Hawaii, and Georgia. My friend marinated some chicken that was absolutely mouth watering and I'll be making that at our future parties as well. We drank, played horseshoes and darts, and laughed and laughed. I also danced to Romanian music at the end of the night. Me and my girlfriend got jiggy with it like no one was watching. Dance parties are the best!

While sometimes this trip of ours gets overwhelming and we have almost no consistency week to week (especially now with the Glamper in the shop), I am loving it. There is nothing that can replace this time we get to re-connect with our friends that we have met around the world. It's also a wonderful way for Ted to transition from active duty to retired. We feel very blessed to be able to do this and I'm glad we are making it happen.

On Easter Sunday, I was able to join my friend at church in Georgetown. It was a nice sermon, but I had never been to a church in a movie theater. I actually enjoyed it. After all, what really matters is what is in your heart and not what building you are in (that's my opinion anyways). I really miss Azlan though. He had a lovely Easter in Miami with my parents - complete with a giant chocolate egg from the Easter Bunny (thank you Mom and Dad)!

The evening was wrapped up with Game of Thrones. Man, I love that show! We will definitely be watching next week.

Yesterday, on our way out of Fort Hood, we hiked the Twin Peaks Trail at Dana Peaks in Killeen. A nice easy 4 mile hike with lovely lake views. We also stopped at the 1st Calvary Division and 3rd Calvary Regiment Museums for some Army history. Last night we had a lovely pasta dinner with some delicious wine at our new host's house in San Antonio. We met 3 dogs and 2 of the dogs, Athena, a great dane, might get stolen and end up living in our motorhome....just saying (wink wink). Now we are off to the Riverwalk so we can ride the boat and have some brunch. We are scheduled to get the Glamper back this Thursday, however, I have a feeling that might not happen. Stay tuned for next week's post!


Daisa and Ted (and Azlan too)

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