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Beach Time (March 18th - April 1st, 2019)

As I wrote the last Blog 2 weeks ago, Ted and Azlan washed #theglamper so we weren't looking like a dust catcher. We followed up with a trip to NASA on March 19th. You could easily spend a whole day there, but Azlan had his fill by lunch. In our opinion, the price was too high for what we saw...and we have been spoiled by going to museums just as cool (if not cooler) for the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola for example.

We wrap up our Houston stay and head to Galveston. Oh, My, Heart!!! I had no idea just how much I missed the beach until we were on it. #dellanerarvpark was perfect for us. It's on the beach, family friendly, and had a full hook up. We swam, we drew in the sand, picked up sea shells for a future wind-chime project, froze our booties off in the ocean, and watched a spectacular sunset followed by a night walk on the beach. #galvestonstatepark had a nice flat (but muddy) "hike" that we did early the next morning. As we finished up the walk, the skeeters came out and devoured my sweet blood. We got out of there just in time. Bug spray and sunscreen are a must if you want to explore the lovely marshes. The afternoon of March 22nd was spent planning out our travel route for the next 6-7 months. It turned out a little differently than we originally had planned, but it will go something like this:

May: Finish up TX, then head to NM, CO, NE and IA

June: IA, MN, ND, SD, WY, ID

July: ID, MT, WA, AK

August: WA, AK, OR, CA

September: CA, NV, UT, CA

October: Arrive in AZ

The rest is TBD but we have decided to pause in December and settle down so Azlan can go to the rest of Kindergarten and all of 1st grade. During school breaks, we will finish up the people and places we haven't been to yet and maybe move to Europe in 2021.

The morning of March 23rd could not have started better. It was one of the most phenomenal sunrises I had ever seen (thanks to my insomnia)! Too bad no one else in the Glamper was up to see it. After that, we paid a little visit to ELISSA. She is a pretty cool ship from 1877 that is still in working condition (despite being refurnished and changed over the years for several different uses) and is docked at the Texas Seaport Museum. There were a lot of people moving about the ship in harnesses, lifting sails and turning masts. Come to find out that the next week she would sail out into the bay by a large crew made of a variety of people of all ages. These people dedicated 30 weekends to learning how to operate the ship and work together. We were impressed and something like being part of a sailing team might make it onto our bucketlist.

At the end of the day my friend and her two boys came for a sleepover. Azlan was delighted to have some kids to play with and I was delighted to have more estrogen around me! We giggled, reminisced and just enjoyed each other. We wrapped up the week with my very first crawfish boil. I am not a big fan of seafood, but this was delicious! My friend's hubby came down and cooked it all up for us, #poundwinning. I was pretty sad to say "See you later!" to them, but I know we will link up again this year.

March 25th, we arrive in San Antonio. My parents and brother met us there to surprise Azlan by 'teleporting' via the phone. We did a FaceTime, I screamed "Ala Kazaam" and through the door came Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle it was Azlan's turn to feel Euphoria. It was pretty epic. We explained to him what we did later as I was worried he was going to think teleportation was actually possible in 2019. Maybe in 20 years, who knows?!?

March 26th - No sh*t, there I was, about to dump the black tank, the hose wasn't connected and no one else was around. I connected the hose, thought it was secured, and pulled the black lever. AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH - Poop Goop spread. GAG, COUGH, GAG....QUICK, CLOSE, QUICK TRY TO RE-ADJUST, RE-PULL - SH*T (%&^#_(%&(%&%), MORE POOP GOOP, A LITTLE BACK SPLASH, NO GO, QUICK, CLOSE!!!! The smell was was like all the rotten things in the world had been left out in the sun for a week, then cooked, then mixed all together, stirred real good and slashed on my face. I couldn't take it. Cookies were tossed (and due to the cookie tossing I also wet my self with each toss....yes, there was more than one) as I tried to walk around the RV to find Ted and get some help because there was NO WAY I was going near the crime scene until it was cleaned up. Ted saved the day and mopped up my mess (or shall I say sprayed off my mess). I thought my nightmare was the toilet breaking. was this! Let's just say I'm going to avoid dumping for a while! After we get cleaned up and do ALL the laundry, we go to #thejapaneseteagarden for lunch. What a lovely surprise! This is a gorgeous garden to walk through. The food at the little cafe was delicious and I would recommend checking it out if you have a chance. We also saw a train that takes you to the zoo, so we took a ride on that before taking our daily nap. The next day was spent packing, dropping off the Glamper to get repairs done, and dropping off the Jeep to get the new hard top installed. That night we stayed at the #home2suites at the San Antonio Airport and it was very nice!

Bom Dia Miami!!! Good Morning Miami!!! We arrive in Miami and make preparations for Azlan's Birthday Party. Bouncy House, check / Pool, check / Food, check / Drinks, check / PJ Masks decoration, check! It goes off without any issues and the party is a huge hit and we all had a blast!!! Thank you to vovo, vova and tio Dante (grandma and grandpa and uncle) for hosting Azlan's best birthday yet. It's going to be a hard one to beat.

On Sunday, March 31st, I spent all day at Zumba training to become a licensed Zumba and Zumba Gold Instructor. It was a long day but I met some amazing people and I look forward to achieving my goal of teaching a class (well teaching many classes, really, but I have to start somewhere). While I was shaking my booty, Azlan, Ted, and the Rents went to Frozen on Ice. They all enjoyed it tremendously!

It's so important to stay active, no matter how old you are. With Zumba Gold, I can also teach people in wheelchairs so I am thinking retirement homes and VA hospitals might be a great match for me in the future. I'm super excited to spread the love of music and movement, stay tuned for a Zumba class near you


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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