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WA (July 13th - July 22nd, 2019)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

On July 13th I wrote the last blog after we took an awesome hike to Indian Creek Falls. It was short, but over a river a few times and through the woods, to a sprinkling waterfall. That afternoon, while I wrote, Ted and Azlan did laundry. On July 14th we did some shopping, and went to the movies to watch Aladdin. The next day was consumed with washing the Glamper and going over to our friends’a house for dinner. We made an early night of it as the next day was moving day. On July 16th we moved from Spokane to Seattle and pulled into the RV Campground at Ft. Lewis (joint base). Our site is awesome, facing some forestry and fairly private - the opposite of what we get at KOAs. Next door are some little girls that Azlan befriends immediately and we spend the night relaxing.


I made Ted breakfast in bed, some eggs over easy on toast and bacon (one of his favorites). While I did dishes, he walked around with Azlan and came back with gifts for me and Punch. We got Osprey Water Backpacks for hiking!!! I was quite surprised he got us gifts on his birthday, but this may start a new tradition for us where in each of our birthdays we all get one gift. Might be fun, let’s see if we can make that happen. We took our new gear for a walk around the lake but turned back half way when it started raining. That evening in commemoration of this wonderful man, we had dinner at the Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill. The food, view and service were superb. It was great dressing up and having a fancy meal!

July 18th was laundry day and Azlan and I spent some time cleaning the inside of the Glamper. Ted’s buddy from Italy and his family came over for dinner and drinks that night. It’s so nice to meet (or see again) guys he served with and their amazing spouses and kiddos.

July 19th we visited some Army buddies that also date back to the 173rd when Ted and I met in Italy. We had a fabulous time hanging out...I tried some moonshine and then promptly took a nap haha.

July 20th was our Party Day and it was fantastic seeing everyone that was able to come! A taco bar was the spread and drinks and laughter flowed!

July 21st I got to have lunch with a teenagehood (instead of childhood) friend of mine and meet her beautiful daughter. Then we got ready for our Alaska Trip! Our friend drives Uber and offered to give us a ride to SEA, so we slept at his house in preparation for a very early departure.

July 22nd, 3:40am, while loading the car, my phone slipped out of my new water backpack unbeknownst to me. Only when we arrive at the airport, I notice its absence. SHIT!

Luckily, it was in our friend’s lawn and they are holding it for me until we get back to WA. Honestly, it’s a good thing I left my has afforded me the opportunity to be more present and focused on what’s going on around me. And it’s also why this blog is slapped together with tape, bits and pieces of memory, and half the photos as usual. I’ll make it up when I write the Alaska bit!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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