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WTF?!?! (November 2nd, 2018)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

We made it to Huletts Landing on Lake George by October 5th...after several "WTF?!?!?!" moments (...I am still impressed that we made it by our goal date).

The Glamper rolled out of Miami on September 17th and within the next 48 hours I managed to lock us out of it, the right camera stopped working, the kitchen sink didn't drain, a part fell off the door, the bathroom door stopped latching, and the generator stopped running......aaaaahhhhhggggrrrrrrr $(#&^@_( %&^ @%&$_ !!!

After a few very helpful conversations with #coachnet (which I HIGHLY recommend purchasing if you buy an RV - just with this one situation it paid for itself), the lock smith got us back into the Glamper - problem 1 solved. The string of events that happened after left me with an overpowering desire to kick a fence post loose until I would be able to use it as a baseball bat and beat the ever living shit out of that monstrosity on wheels! I had to call someone on my short-list to calm me down and get my SUDS level from a 9.5 to a 4.0. We both survived!

Here is a chronological summary of what we have been up to during the last month and a half:


9-17-18 - Depart Miami, Arrive N. Palm Beach

9-19-18 - Depart N. Palm Beach, Arrive Palm City

9-21-18 - Depart Palm City, Arrive Vero Beach

9-22-18 - Depart Vero Beach, Arrive Moss Park Orlando

9-24-18 - Depart Moss Park Orlando, Get the Sink Fixed at Campers Corner in Fruitland Park, Arrive Jennings #kampgroundsofamerica


9-25-18 - Depart Jennings KOA FL, Arrive #ucheecreekcampgrounds GA

Jeep pick-up, buy trailer

9-29-18 Depart Columbus GA, Get RV tire loosing air pressure fixed, Arrive at NC Rest Area

North Carolina

9-30-18 - Depart Rest Area NC, Arrive Cary

Get 1st jack stand on trailer fixed, get RV tire loosing air pressure fixed AGAIN.


10-03-18 - Depart NC, Arrive at Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA in VA

Tire on the trailer blows out, bending metal into the wheelwell, destroying the left tail light and losing the license plate, right before we get to the camp area. Our jack doesnt work on the trailer and there is metal in the way, so we continue the last five miles to the campsite without a tire and call for help once we arrive. A towing company comes to help and we get the metal bent back into place, the light fixed and the spare put on.


10-04-18 - Depart Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA

We quickly find out something is very wrong with the trailer tire that was just 'fixed' as it starts smoking within 5 mins of me driving. The person that had helped us the night before had mounted the spare tire on backwards (doh!). The guy from the night before comes back out and turns the tire around and points us in the direction of a tire shop, C C Rosen. We buy four new trailer tires as soon as I see what a good trailer tire looks like.

10-04-18 - Arrive in Reading PA

New York


10-05-18 Arrive at Huletts Landing, Lake George, NY

Daisa refused to listen that the lake is very shallow at the dock....said shallow water is only about 2.5'.....Daisa jumps -- despite warnings...Daisa sprains left ankle....for the umpteenth time.

10-08-18 - Depart Huletts, Arrive Glenburnie NY

New jack stand, new spare, new bike mount, new jack...all for the trailer.

10-13-18 - Depart Glenburnie, Arrive Burnt Hills

10-18-18 - Depart Burnt Hills, Arrive Mohawk

10-23-18 - Depart Mohawk, Arrive Watertown

Dropped off the Glamper to get warranty work done and fix all the pending issues.

10-29-18 - Depart Watertown, Arrive Crystal Beach Canada

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Daisa, Ted and Azlan

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